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JakPod 3.00 released! Small updates - see changelog! (Changelog).


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JakPod seems to hang. How can I fix this?

Date added:
Tuesday, 24 February 2009
Last revised:
Monday, 26 March 2012



If you have a very large local music library or connect a couple of large hard disk based iPods, JakPod may hang on startup or intermittently (e.g., when reading files).

Caused By:

  • JakPod ran out of memory.
  • Some internal error occured.

You should kill the JakPod process on operating system level. If you use Windows, open the Task Manager and look for a process called "javaw.exe". Kill it using the context menu (right click on the process name). If you use Linux (or something similar), use "top" or "ps" to find the process ID and kill it using "kill -9 <process_id>". Now open the startup script (.ba/.sh, depending on your OS) and adjust the memory limit of JakPod by setting the -Xmx parameter to some higher value. No worries, JakPod won't allocate all of it at once. Only if it needs the memory.

If JakPod hangs on startup (while the splash screen is still visible), see here.

If JakPod hangs on reading files, please try to update to the most recent version first. I continue working on making JakPod more fault tolerant, so this might just fix your problem.

In any case of trouble, please help the author to improve JakPod by mailing the error log file ("error.log" in the installation directory of JakPod) to JKubitschek@JakPod.de.

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