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JakPod 3.00 released! Small updates - see changelog! (Changelog).



JakPod FAQs

Items Hits
Some artists show up multiple times on the iPod 14726
JakPod seems to hang. How can I fix this? 16267
JakPod doesn't start / doesn't find my iPod 14123
Is it possible to transfer music/videos/cover art to my PC? 15944
My iPod shows "No Music" after using it with JakPod. 15926
Keyboard Shortcuts 15171
Does JakPod support newer iPods (Classic, iPhone, Nano...)? 18773
Why the name "JakPod"? 14086
Why does JakPod reorder my music? 14833
Why is JakPod trying to connect to the internet? 16239

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