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JakPod 3.00 released! Small updates - see changelog! (Changelog).

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Monday, 23 February 2009 14:38

Basic Features:

  • Transfer music from PC to the iPod (mp3, m4a, m4b, mp4, m4v, m4p)
  • Transfer music and videos between two iPods (including cover art)
  • Transfer music and videos from the iPod to a computer (including cover art)
  • Search and filtering (filtering works with playlists too)
  • Copy static playlists from iPod to iPod
  • Clone an iPod (only makes sense when using identical models)
  • Backup & restore of iPods
  • create playlists
  • add/remove artwork (directly on the iPod)
  • edit track informations (directly on the iPod)
  • find albums/tracks without cover art

Basic Repair Features (Music Database):

  • Create a new database using the files that already exist on the iPod
  • Remove unused song entries (i.e., those not having a corresponding file) from the database
  • Add missing song entries (i.e., files w/o an entry) to the database
  • Remove files from the iPod that do not have an entry in the database
  • Add/Remove sorting fields for all songs stored on the iPod (configurable)

Basic Repair Features (Cover Art Database)

  • Rebuild the database using title-cover-relations (removes unused covers)
  • Rebuild the database in a compressed format (iPod Classic or newer)
  • Rebuild the database using the legacy format(older iPods / one cover entry per song)
  • Assign the same cover to all songs of an album

Advanced Repair Features (iTunesDB):

  • "Ctrl"+"D" assigns a unique DBID to each track (if not done yet)
  • "Ctrl"+"R" to make sure every track exists in the library playlist of the iTunesDB

Advanced Repair Features (ArtworkDB):

  • "Ctrl"+"B" writes all albums using the same cover art into the log file (iPod.log)

Warning!: After using the advanced repair features, make sure to save the database on the iPod ("Ctrl"+"S")! Otherwise all changes will be lost after closing JakPod.

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